Mitsubishi Electric Hot Water

Black Diamond Aquacore Hot Water Heat Pump

The Black Diamond Aquacore features an intelligent computer control which ensures that the system continually optimises performance.

The Aquacore ensures water is heated to 62°C and is fed directly into the top of the cylinder. This means that this water is ready to use straight away. In a traditional electric system it can take hours to heat the water cylinder enough to produce 60°C water from a cold tank situation.

Furthermore, the system features fast recovery of a full water tank and can reheat an entire 180L cylinder in 2 ½ hours where traditional electric cylinders can take up to 4 ¼ hours in winter.


A Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump Solution is made up of three key components that intuitively work together to provide super energy efficient heating – the outdoor unit, the hot water cylinder and the controller that runs the system. If the system is designed to provide central whole home heating, then underfloor and radiator wall elements will also form part of the system.

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