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Central Ducted System

Central Ducted Heating and Cooling system provides discreet air conditioning comfort. The system can be tailored to install in a new or existing home.  

This option is aesthetic pleasing, with only the grilles and controller visible in the rooms.

Capacities from 5.0W to 16.0kW

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There are a large variant of grilles to choose from and you can have them power coated to match ceiling or wall colours.  You can add manual or motorised dampers to the system, to adjust air flow to each room. Ducted systems can customised to suit any style or design and still a very efficient way to heat or cool your home.

You can also add a Heat Recovery Ventilation to the system, to remove stale air and replacing with fresh air.  The system transfers the heat from the stale air to the fresh air, then heats or cools the air to the desired temperature and pushes it back into the rooms.

Ducted Units come in a number of shapes and sizes to fit attic spaces.  We recommend that you contact us at the planning stage, to make sure trusses and manhole are able to accommodate your unit of preference.

Bulkhead System

A Bulkhead system is ideally suited where a discreet installation is preferred.  This unit is conveniently hidden into the ceiling cavity with only the frilles visible.  Perfect if you have a bulkhead or lowered ceiling space. 

Capacities from 2.4kW to 8.1kW  

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This system works like a High Wall unit, but looks like a ducted system with only the grilles showing.  This is a great compromise between the two systems.  The grilles can be powder coated to match wall colour.

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