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Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

The ventilation system works by extracting stale air from inside your house to remove moisture, odours, dust, bacteria and gases. This air is then replaced with allergen reduced fresh air from outside (unlike some systems that recycle air from a dust filled attic).

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Heat Recovery Ventilation systems are really clever with their cross flow heat recovery core. When removing warm stale air from inside, this air passes through the cross flow core and preheats the incoming fresh clean air.

The Mitsubishi Lossnay has a patented highly efficient Diamond Core is designed to maximise heat recovery from both stale outgoing air as well as heat energy contained in warm damp air from areas such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.

The available energy is absorbed and re-used to provide pre-warming in winter or pre-cooling in summer, rather than going to waste by directly transferring this air outside. In doing so, moisture build up in your home is minimised while healthy humidity levels are maintained and managed.

The end result: your home is ventilated with fresh, filtered and clean pre-warmed (or cooled) air at the same time whilst maintaining optimum humidity levels for healthy living. The system is super energy efficient and designed specifically to be whisper quiet.

High Wall Ventilation

A Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Single Room Ventilation System is designed to provide cost effective energy recovery ventilation to one specific area in the home

This wall mounted unit provides an effective balanced pressure ventilation solution for a specific area up to 90m2*

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Lossnay recovers energy from the air being transferred to pre-warm (or pre-cool) the fresh air drawn into the room. As a result, moisture build-up is minimised and a warmer, drier and healthier indoor environment can be maintained all year round. Because this model is ductless in design, it is ideal for applications where there is no roof space to accommodate the heat exchanger and duct work.

Key Specification:

  • Up to 80% heat exchange efficiency
  • Simple installation by drilling two 75mm diameter installation holes
  • Low noise operation from 25dB on low fan speed
  • Easy to clean filters
  • Ideal for residential or small commercial applications where there is no roof space

Extraction Fans

Extraction fans remove moist air out of bathrooms, laundries, washrooms and toilets. They come in various capacities to cater for the small toilet to large indoor pool areas.

There are many different styles with exhaust ventilation fans to In-line ventilation fans.  These all transfer the moisture out of the room, through ducting to the outside.

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Air Purifiers

Daikin’s new range of Air Purifiers with Streamer Technology are designed to capture, suppress and break down pollutants such as mould, pollen, allergens, odours, formaldehyde, traffic pollution and dust.

It is also ultra quiet mode with operating sound levels of as low as 19dBA which means you can not only sleep soundly at night, but also with peace of mind.

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These units has an applicable room area of 62m2 or 82m2.   The secret to high performance air purification is Daikin’s Streamer Technology. This innovative technology features a high-power plasma discharge that generates high-speed electrons to decompose harmful substances.  This powerful oxidative decomposition process continuously removes odours, bacteria and indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde for superior air purification.

Daikin Air Purifiers are approved by the Sensitive Choice® New Zealand program as a better choice for people who suffer from asthma and allergies.

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