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Commercial Multi Systems

A multi system has one condenser outdoor unit connected to a number of indoor heads, including highwalls, under ceilings, cassettes, ducted, etc.

Having individual units in each office space gives the user more control over the temperature within their office environment.

Multi systems are generally paired with a Heat recovery system to increase the efficiency of the system.

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There are many different systems available from your straight forward installation to your duel refrigerant and water systems.

The system could have outdoor units collected directly to multi indoor units using a branch box, similar to the residential version, but on a much larger scale.  Or the outdoor unit could be connected to an Air Handler Unit (AHU), which is used to regulate and circulate air.  The AHU connects to a series of ductwork ventilation that distributes the conditioned air throughout the building and returns to the AHU.  

Some of the systems can do both heating and cooling at the same time, others can do heating or cooling.  Heating in the winter and cooling in summer.  In some applications there is only the need for cooling.

Whatever the situation, we have a team ready to help you design the right system for you.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

Heat Recovery Ventilation systems remove the stale air from inside, the air passes through the cross flow core and preheats the incoming fresh clean air.

This air is then replaced with allergen reduced fresh air from outside. 

In summer it also works to cool your incoming fresh air.

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HRV systems can be independent of the heating and cooling equipment, but ideally these systems would work together to create conditioned air at the desired temperature. 

Using a HRV system reduces the heating and cooling cost, as a HRV preheats, or cools the fresh air from outside, leaving the AHU to only heat or cool the difference.  Most the HRV systems that use the cross flow system, retain 80% of their temperature.

Rooftop Package Systems

Rooftop Package units are ideal for buildings with little or no space in the roof comportment, on the wall or the air distribution into large, open areas from a single source to multiple outlets.

Rooftop packaged units have been developed specifically to suit commercial applications, and are designed for flexible and easy installation.

Rooftop packaged units have been specially designed to withstand the harsh climates.

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A Rooftop package is both the Outdoor and Air Handler all packaged up to one unit.   The Air is ducted straight from the rooftop package into the space inside the building.  Inside all you see is the grille of your choice.

The capacities range from 10.8kW to 91kW

Cooling Only Solutions

There are a number of solutions if you require only cooling.  There are systems that use air, gas or water to transfer the cool air.  The two main types are Chillies and Evaporative cooler that are outside your standard HVAC system (See HVAC brochures).

Chillier is a unit that removes the heat from the liquid.  As a by product there is heat generated in some applications you can use this waste heat to heat other areas of the building 

Evaporative Cooler is a unit that draws outside air through a moistened pad. As it passes through the pad the air is cooled by evaporation.  The newly cooled air is then vented into the building.

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Hot Water

Commercial hot water applications range from Underfloor heating, heating swimming & spa pools and hot water for general use.   They can be independent from the rest of the HVAC system or be integrated.

We can customise a system to work with your requirements and the building environment.

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There are two types of controls, Local wall controller or centralised controllers known as Building Management System (BMS).  In some solutions you may have a combination of the two. 

BMSs can have a web base interface, where you can access the system settings at your own computer.  Some of our clients have us monitoring their system from our office, notifying us directly of any technical issues with the system.

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Light Commercial

Light Commercial solutions are designed for shops, restaurants and small offices.  Light Commercial Air Conditioning is very similar to the residential equipment, except they have larger capacities.  In general they are a single split system with one indoor and one outdoor.   In some applications we would recommend the smaller residential unit. See Residential for range.

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Other Solutions

We are a one stop supplier, been able to design, build and maintain all accepts of HVAC & related mechanical services  

Other solutions we can help you with:

  • Kitchen hoods/extraction
  • Toilet extract
  • 100% Fresh Air
  • Server room cooling
  • Dehumidifier or Humidifier
  • Heater panels

We can also install PV to power the HVAC see Solar

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